Thank you for such a wonderful site. I lost my golden Lucy aged 16 on 21/09/12. She passed pain free in my arms as I promised her when it first took care of her. She blessed me with her company for 12 years. I miss her so so so so much. God bless these angels.

Jon Symonds

Hi Sheenagh,

Fantastic site – so rare to see one well edited by someone with real passion – well done!
Hope you are able to find some peace amongst what must be a chaotic time for you at the moment – and that all are well.

– Richard.

Richard Anthony

Hi Sheenagh,
Hope all’s well and you got my email.
Lovely to see your girls and their puppies they are so pretty….some lucky families await. Love the website and all those photo’s I can’t wait to take my Storm swimming next Summer Storm is getting a big lad now with a lovely gentle and playful character. Good luck with the puppies will check back on progress – keep in touch x

Steve Smithson

Just HAD to send you a message… I lost my beautiful Lily from a tumour on her bladder one week before she was 8, on 27th October this year…very similar circumstances to your Storm. We have been looking on Champdogs for a Camrose (as Lily was) and came across your website…Shiloh is the spitting image of Lily (and her antics!!) and we now have a bitch on order from Mrs Tudor…can’t wait…FAR better than all the Christmasses!! Thank you for writing Storm’s Story..you are obviously very talented in the art of prose..it was very moving to read. The photographs of your ‘crowd’ really lifted my spirits!!  Happy Golden Days!!

Debbie Gatrill

Lovely website and stunning dogs. I am craving another retriever after losing ours at 11 years 8 months last year. I can’t at the moment but one day… I regularly visit relatives in Bodmin at least twice a year so you never know one day I may come knocking at your door.

Teresa Jackson