Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Medodaine Angustah at Dikeadaze JW (Hips 5:4) Ch Tesora De Ria Vela for Thornywait (Hips 5:7) SP Ch Ritzilyn Rick O’Shay (Hips 4:5) Sh Ch Ritzilyn Brandon (Hips 6:5)
Sh Ch Pearlbarn Periwinkle for Ritzilyn (Hips 6:3)
Sp Ch Sailor Moon De Ria Vela (Hips 8:6) Fr Ch Paudell Pure Passion (Hips 6:2)
Timanfaya de Ria Vela (Hips 3:5)
Tonara Clodahs Dream at Medodaine (Hips 3:12) Sh Ch Chlodyl Rodney (Hips 3:5) Sh Ch Alibren Soul to Soul (Hips 13:12)
Alibren Shear Class at Chlodyl (Hips 8:6)
Dreaming Delight at Tonara (Hips 3:10) Ch Captain Finn at Steval (Hips 15:6)
Kadaka Rainbow Stone (Hips 10:6)
Calacarey Shadow Dancer (Hips 3:3) Ch Xanthos Espionage JW  (Hips 6:3) Ch Matador V.D. Beerse Hoeve (Hips 3:3) Ch Xanthos Apple Jack (Hips 3:3)
Ch Xanthos Lah Di Dah (Hips 4:6)
Xanthos Foreign Affaire (Hips 5:4) Swe & Nor Ch Inassicas Song of Songs (Hips A)
Xanthos To be Sure (Hips 3:5)
Calacarey Moonlit Lucidity  (Hips 5:4) Ch Catcombe Corblimey (Hips 9:6) Rosaceae Ideal Forecast at Purbarn (Hips 4:6)
Catcombe Cheerio (Hips 11:15)
Mevagold Belle Lucie   (Hips 5:5) Ch Captain Finn at Steval (Hips 15:6)
Trebell The Tomboy at Mevagold (Hips 3:6)

Medodaine Angustah at Dikeadaze JW and Reserve CC

DOB 21.05.2012 – Hips 5:4, Elbows 0:0, Clear Eye Certificate, GPRA 1 & 2 Clear