Mevagold Belle Lucie – “Reilly”

Date of birth: 19.11.2004

Hips 5:5 – Eye Certificate Clear


“Smiley Reilly” is my soft, gentle, lovable little old lady. She was another easy golden, loving and affable.  She took her time to mature but like all good things in life was worth waiting for. She blossomed beautifully from a lean leggy adolescent into a sleek, silky coated elegant young bitch who had a calm contented disposition, and while once upon a time she was happy to chase about the undergrowth “flushing out” pheasants, as a lady of certain years she is now equally happy to stretch out in the sun and snooze. One of her greatest pleasures was launching herself with utter focus and enthusiasm into lake, river, sea or surf in pursuit of her favourite pastime – “water retrieves” – now she’s happy to gently paddle.

She gave us two beautiful puppies, the survivors of a small litter of five by Ch. Catcombe Corblimey in 2008. She was the most attentive and fastidious of mothers with a reluctance to leave the whelping box for even the shortest of periods and when Lucy and Shiloh had their pups in 2011 she couldn’t wait to be able to assist in any which way she was able as Grandma to Lucy’s litter and surrogate Nanny to Shiloh’s.


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch (06) Captain Finn at Steval Sh Ch (98) Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest Amberland Sky-Hi Ch (87) Gatchells Sky at Night
Outshine Contessa
Steval Latest Edition Lindjan Kyoko
Steval Sonata
Princess of the Universe Steval Soul Singer Denmarella Just a Jester
Steval Encore
Tregonhawke Lady Arona Pinnin of Crinniswood
Queenhill Ariadne at Treganhawke
Trebell The Tomboy at Mevagold Shearstone Harry Billy Ch (94) Ritzilyn Cockney Robin Sh Ch (88)Amerine King Eider of Davern
Ritzilyn Tickled Pink
Shearstone Honky Tonk Angel Fernyvayle Rambler of Pinecrest
Steval Melody of Shearstone
Sacrlet Lady of Trebell Steval Soul Singer Denmarella Just a Jester
Steval Encore
Steval Saucy Sue at Hollywillow Sh Ch (98) Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest
Steval Country Classic