Date of birth: 26.05.2008

Hips 9:4


Kelsey is a sweet, loving, acquiescent individual, who was swift to learn and always eager to please. She showed good early potential with regard to gundog training, sound, obedient and responding quickly to the whistle. She retrieved well both on land and water, was happy to carry and swam like a professional lifeguard at the tender age of eleven weeks. She sat quite happily on the decking on fireworks night, watching without any sign of fear or apprehension as the night sky lit up around us with all the accompanying noise, colour and excitement. She sailed through her Kennel Club Bronze certificate at just six months old despite never having attended a class. She’s a compete poppet and as much loved by her canine companions as she is adored by us.

Sadly she has not enjoyed the most robust of health and persistent problems with her hocks have left her somewhat lame and incapacitated, however her competitive spirit was not diminished.  In earlier years she was determined to reach the ball first, or indeed whatever we had cast for them to retrieve from the water.  Like all my girls she was in her element in the sea or river although old age and arthritis have now really taken their toll.  However she is still game to hobble alongside on our daily walks and is happy to paddle about the shallows.  She has never had puppies, but was besotted with both litters in 2011, Sadie’s litter in 2014 and hopefully will continue to excel in her role of indulgent maiden aunt, surrogate sitter and playmate with pups when we are graced with another litter here at Calacarey.


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch Catcombe Corblimey Rosaceae Ideal Forecast at Purbarn Sh Ch Amirene Pacifique Sh Ch Stanroph Soldier Boy
Amirene Integrity
Rosaceae Precious Jade Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm
Rosaceae Brocade
Catcombe Cheerio Ch Chinnordale Dudley Wyvan Merrigo Likely
Millwater Letitia of Chinnordale
Catcombe Chasing Dreams Catcombe Cheshire at Millgreen
Catcombe Charlie Girl
Mevagold Belle Lucie Ch Captain Finn at Steval Sh Ch Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest Amberland Sky-Hi
Steval Latest Edition
Princess of the Universe Steval Soul Singer
Treganhawke Lady Arona
Trebell The Tomboy at Mevagold Shearstone Harry Billy Ch Ritzilyn Cockney Robin
Shearstone Honky Tonk Angel
Scarlet Lady of Trebell Steval Soul Singer
Steval Saucy Sue at Hollywillow