Four seconds in Kelsey’s life she would rather forget – and other funny moments

The ball is thrown and three dogs jockey for position

Sweet little Kelsey turns to join the race…………

Sadie of course is a tad enthusiastic and a little faster off the mark!

Things can only go down hill……..

Talk about a free ride! A cross between a “piggy back and leap frog” gone wrong!

Oooooppps – I think I’m in serious trouble! Just love the expression – priceless!

Just as well these are seasoned water dogs! A regular dunking!

Poor Kelsey

Coming up for air!

If dogs could swear………the air would be blue!

Sadie – is so unprepared for this

But she will give it her best shot

Holy Moses, she’s so athletic!

And so un lady like!

Pounce and…….


Well I wasn’t expecting that!