Hello and Welcome!

My name is Sheenagh Gebhard and I live with my husband and son in the midst of the glorious county of Cornwall together with our four gorgeous golden retriever dogs. Our eldest and strawberry blonde, (although now sadly shot through with silver strands) is my sweet smiley Reilly. Her daughter Kelsey – nicknamed “Kit Kat” and maiden aunt to Sadie who is the dam to the youngest of the Calacarey Crew – our beautiful deep burnished gold – “Purdie”.

Here in the south west we are blessed with a stunning coastline, a spectacular ever changing backdrop to long cliff top walks and regular romps in the sand, sea and surf. Inland, the surrounding rural countryside provides a perfect playground encompassing woodlands, rivers, meadows and moors ensuring our daily walks are challenging and diverse.

My love and enthusiasm for this beautiful breed began like so many others with the arrival of one tiny bundle of Cornish Cream fluff – Storm. This “once in a life time companion” instantly stole our hearts and firmly established herself as a much loved and cherished family member. She embraced every golden trait this breed is renowned for both in temperament and character – intelligent, gentle, willing, biddable, with a passion to please and abundance of love to bestow. I hope you will enjoy the poetic and pictorial tribute of her life we shared together illustrated in her own special section – “Storm’s Story”

The lovely Lucy chasing her daughter Sadie through the sea and surf at Perranporth Beach

Sadie posing on Perranporth Beach


Kelsey in a sea of corn

Reilly in a sea of bluebells

Our luscious Lucy, a week before her sixth birthday, damp from a dip in the creek

My lovely buxom blonde, Shiloh

Shiloh, our golden retriever

My platinum blonde Shiloh in a buttercup meadow

Storm – my first love, whose paw prints walk forever in my heart