Sadie’s first few months

Sadie in a little new year sunshine

One of Sadie’s first outings into the great outdoors – it had been a wet and windy winter!

Golden sunlight and dew drops on her pretty nose

Pretty Polly and Sadie before she left for her “forever home”

Two golden pups on a bed of golden leaves

Sadie & Polly

Sadie’s first visit to Devichoy Woods

Come on Aunty Kelsey – come and play!

You know you want to!

So I have a sniff around……..

That is just so funny!

Crazy laugh!

Careering about with utter zest and joy!

Finally she sat still for a moment

Nothing like a good chew for teething pups!

So soothing on swollen gums

Beautiful portrait – eighteen weeks old today!

First trip to the beach – watching the others swim, but still not convinced!

Pretty profile

Still watching the swimmers! Probably the first and last time she wore a collar!

Pretty as a picture in the spring daffodils at Trellisick woods

Happy little girl with perfect recall

Lovely outline, showing early promise

Sadie swims for the first time! Five months old and enchanted wit the diamond splashes she makes!

And here she is after her first swim and first water retrieve – what a clever girl!

Once she discovered the water there was of course no keeping her out!

Baby Sadie a quintessential water babes

Retrieving on Devoran Creek

Retrieving in the Garden

Gambolling like a spring lamb!

One baby gently saying hello to another

Six months old and didn’t she do well at her first show!!

And a few hours later………. lol!