Our Aim

Our dogs are very much extended family members and their health and happiness is paramount.  This beautiful breed craves human company and does not fare well being left alone even for short periods of time.  They require good daily excise, both physical and mental and have a special affinity with all types of water – the muddier the puddle,  the happier the hound!

The golden retriever was bred as a gundog and this “working ability” will manifest itself in their need to “carry” be it your slipper,  welly boot or the simplest of gifts in the guise of a leaf off the drive.  A golden should never be chastised for “retrieving or carrying” even if it is your most prized possession – they have the softest of mouths and no damage will ensue.

We occasionally have a litter of puppies and our choice of stud is based first and foremost on temperament, health clearances, compatibility of pedigrees, good looks and of course, as a priority, striving to keep as close and true to the breed standard as we can. Our pups are raised within the hub of the house, well handled and socialised and used to all manner of everyday household noises and scents.

All potential new owners must be prepared to be vigorously vetted and happy to answer a raft of personal and pertinent questions.  The story behind our last two litters born just four days apart can be found here – “Calacarey Christmas Crackers”.