Just HAD to send you a message…

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Just HAD to send you a message… I lost my beautiful Lily from a tumour on her bladder one week before she was 8, on 27th October this year…very similar circumstances to your Storm. We have been looking on Champdogs for a Camrose (as Lily was) and came across your website…Shiloh is the spitting image of Lily (and her antics!!) and we now have a bitch on order from Mrs Tudor…can’t wait…FAR better than all the Christmasses!! Thank you for writing Storm’s Story..you are obviously very talented in the art of prose..it was very moving to read. The photographs of your ‘crowd’ really lifted my spirits!! 🙂 Happy Golden Days!!

Debbie Gatrill 20 December 2011 - North Yorkshire March 28, 2014